Instructions and Care


We want you to be able to use your South Pacific Shade umbrellas for as long as possible, and keep them looking brand new. There are a few things you can do to ensure this.

Our umbrellas are made using fade-resistant high quality materials, however they will age over time due to the harsh environment. Salt, dirt and sand should be avoided, and cleaned after use. A simple spot clean with water and some detergent should do the trick on any marks.

Getting our umbrellas wet should be avoided, but in four-seasons-in-one-day New Zealand, sometimes you have no choice. Our umbrellas should never be stored while wet - please ensure that the fabric is thoroughly dry before packing away. When storing for extended periods, make sure that the umbrella is stored in a dry, shaded location. Any signs of mould or mildew should be removed immediately using warm, soapy water. 

Take caution when opening and closing your umbrella, making sure it is anchored effectively and being used correctly - especially on a windy day. Be aware of others around you and collapse the umbrella if you are leaving it unattended. 



    1. Decide where you want to place your umbrella. If you're at the beach, a minimum 30cm deep hole is perfect, and if you're wanting it for the patio, you can find a suitable base from your local hardware store. (see FAQs for more detail).
    2. Fold out your umbrella using the hinge. Screw loose to move the pole, and then screw tight when you have it placed just right.
    3. To open the umbrella, first take off the fastener, and use the sliding mechanism to open. Place one hand on the slider, and one on the pole. Push up the sliding mechanism, and the canopy will open.
    4. To lock the umbrella, slide the mechanism up till it reaches the small hole in the wood and it should click into place. You may have to push the mechanism above the hole for it to lock in.
    5. All done! Now sit back, relax and enjoy. Ensure your umbrella is assembled correctly and is secure, especially on windy days. Be aware of others around you and collapse the umbrella if you are leaving it unattended. 
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